1. muymuy says

    maybe Cenk and Ana grew up in sheltered school areas. Daily intimidation, humiliation by both students and faculty… fights, stabbings, and for a bonus gang related all the above thrown in also… was all part of growing up in L.A. amazing we learned anything at all.

  2. says

    I don’t know much about Islam, but if they read the same “New Testament” as Christians, wouldn’t that make them Christians in some odd way, since it talks about Jesus as the son of god? Same way as Christians are kinda Jewish since they both use the “Old Testament”? And where does this leave the Latter Day Saints and their “Book of Mormon”? No wonder I’m an Atheist!

    • QueSeraSera777 says

      Muslims believe Muhammad is their prophet, not Jesus. I don’t *believe* they have the New Testament, and I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment.

  3. akai454 says

    “They’d beat the shit out of You at the drop of a hat” , “Coach morriss won because I think he came” , “And when I say Blue Collar I mean racist” . Awesome Jimmy

  4. charliewallace says

    I went to Catholic school in Chicago, too. Our disciplinarian was a Jesuit priest named Father Listerman, who was an ex lineman from Notre Dame. He had this sawed-off boat oar that he called the “Board of Education”, and he used to “educate” someone every day! You had a hard time sitting down after being “educated”. (He was around 6′ 6″, and weighed about 280.) You never saw any more of a goody-twoshoes than me!

  5. says

    Jimmy’s not that old, is he? I mean, my dad is 72, and he went to Catholic school in the ’50s and they beat the crap of the kids on a regular basis. I thought they did away with that kind of thing by the ’60s.

  6. Potsdamer75 says

    The download is bigged too: Both episodes and the postgame max out at 20 KByte/s while downloading – most of the time it’s just ~5 KByte/s. Normally I have download rates of my full DSL speed, around 1,4 MByte/s.

    What’s ther matter now?!


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