1. capaneo says

    wow, come on guys. This show is about keeping it real. And people saying Playboy is lame and stuff. That is just BS talk trying to make yourself feel good. Also ppl saying Ana didn’t get asked bc of this or that. That is BS too. She didn’t get asked because she didn’t get noticed by the scouts. You can talk about Why and bla bla. But don’t lie to yourself that its because of Anas political/moral positions anjd bla bla.

    And that is what Ana finds very frustrating, that no matter what she does she doesn’t get the serious fame/offer from well established places. That is true. Saying going from TYT to MSNBC is a demotion is NOT true. Cenk didn’t got WHILE HE HAD THE OFFER. There is a HUUUUGE difference there. As a matter of fact I don’t think Ana would ever reject an offer from MSNBC the way Cenk did. That is why Cenk is the entrepreneur here and Ana is the employee/co-host.

  2. Rymdmonster says

    If I’m not mistaken Kim does a nerd segment where she talks about video games and stuff? A beautiful woman talking about video games is instantly going to have so much more nerd pull than a politically outspoken news anchor. I’m not saying Kim isn’t great at her job – she is; it just makes sense that Playboy would think she falls into the stereotypical male fantasy of a pretty woman who also shares his interests.

    On a personal note I’d say Ana is by far one of the most impressive and attractive people on any show. I just think you guys underestimate the impact you have on people around the world watching your show.

    Keep it up!

  3. chall says

    I haven’t looked through a Playboy for over 10 years, but as I remember these kind of features included fully clothed AND nude pictures of the women in a particular category. Playboy is not the same as Hustler or Penthouse (I’m assuming they are still around). They always had political and social commentary, much like the Young Turks. I think it would have been interesting to discuss whether Anna or Kim would pose in Playboy fully clothed or would they reject it because there was a picture of a totally nude woman on the same page. I felt a little let down by the discussion – the Playboy I remember was a trailblazer both socially and politically. The TYT discussion was ONLY about nude photos in print.

    • richardchampion says

      I think Kim should do what she wants, but chall is correct. I hadn’t seen an issue in years, but a couple of years ago someone showed me the Olivia Munn issue and I remember her not being nude in it. After confirming my memory by doing a search, that correct – always wearing bottoms and when not wearing a top, she has strategically placed locks of hair. Not saying Kim should do it, but it isn’t like Ana put it, where necessarily your “v” is out there for all to see.

  4. rogue boner says

    My bet is that playboy is a fairly left leaning organization. Ana doesn’t do puff pieces she is not a slice of cheese cake for the viewers to bathe their eyes on.
    She hammers conservatives and playboy doesn’t want to ask her.
    I would love to more of Ana, but not a centerfold on a target range in Mississippi.
    No one offers her a job because they could not duplicate the chemistry with Cenk. More air time or a host position is a demotion.
    I hope TYT grows into the size of a cable news organization. And the talented people in the army provide the hours of content to fill the hours.
    Work on it!

  5. charliewallace says

    Ana, you are certainly beautiful enough for Playboy. I think they didn’t ask you because they knew you’d never consider it. They couldn’t ask everybody, you know. So, don’t sweat it. You’re not the “old lady of Youtube”. 20 years from now you won’t be an “old lady”. You’ll still be turning heads wherever you go!

  6. Kat says

    Crank has a good point, but Playboy is well known for going for those who look like the “girl next door” -not the reality show, but the look that Hef has described in multiple interviews and documentaries over the years. While I think our queen bee is smokin’ hot, she has a bit more exotic features than Kim, who fits the “girl next door” look better.

  7. mmogib says

    Come on Ana. To me, you are the most beautiful respectable Anchor woman in all news media including TV.

    We love you Anna for your intelligence and your forward thinking.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing. It is why we join TyT nation and it is why I’m willingly paying hard money to hear what you have to say.

  8. Jake Ryan Calvin says

    I’ve never really thought of TYT as “being on Youtube.” Sure, they’re there and have tons of views, but its just one of many outlets for TYT material.

    Regarding Ana specifically, I suspect it’s because she’s not a solo act with her own channel (at least I’m not aware of one).

  9. Ersen Akçay says

    Maybe they didn’t contact Ana because she doesn’t have a personal website? has a contact page and maybe that helped them get in contact with Kim but they didn’t find such a way to contact Ana, and perhaps they didn’t want to contact her through the show’s address. I don’t know how these things work; I’m just saying it’s possible.

  10. Crank says

    I think the reason why Ana was not asked might be something completely different.
    For years Ana talked regularly about how difficult it is to be perceived as a professional if you are a woman and that women have to be careful what they wear and about their appearance.
    I find this really reflected in her overall appearence and I think it eventually really worked. I perceive Ana completely different than a few years ago. She seems unarguably a hundred times more professional and even more adult than Kim.

    And playboy is obviously looking for more naive and juvenile appearing women. They will find plenty on Yotube.
    Ana would be one of them 4 years ago, but not anymore.

  11. akivain says

    I think Kim got the offer not based on her looks, but because the magazine wants a certain kind of variety for the special. Kim has a very unique look because of her mixed ethnicity, so she brings a little something for the kinds of readers who enjoy that.

    Not that she isn’t beautiful or anything…

    It’s also possible that they thought Ana is on TV, so she might be a little out of their price range or not generally thought of as a YouTube-personality, although we might see her as one.

    • salassian says

      I think the folks at playboy are not into wasting their time. Ana has a lot more air time than Kim and Ana’s thinking on the subject is well known.

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