1. reaper7444 says

    Powerfull Jesus with the awesome mustash… I just watched superfly for the first time yesterday (check it out[high if you can]) that 70s stash can contend with 70s movies finest. Thanks tyt for all you do, and some one help mark from under that buss cenk rolled over on him … Even tho it was funny

  2. Charismatron says

    It’s funny how Cenk refers to the ’70’s as if it’s recent history and it’s something that most of the TYT audience would have experienced.

    It’s a nice, sweater that commands a loyal dog to fetch slippers as one reads the papers in front of the fire whilst sipping a fine brandy. It’s the sweater of a king.

    • EveningStarNM says

      You youngsters will never know the great time that you missed in the 70s.

      But Cenk got the reference wrong, too. In the 70s, that sweater fit right in at any Ivy League school, in the math or literature department, or in the law school. In the 80s, it was just an indicator that someone could — and probably should — be avoided as a social loser.

      It didn’t get pervy until the early 90’s.

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