1. GoGreenLuver says

    most people overeat due to psychological issues so the best thing we can do to help the obesity issue is get mental health & therapy covered under all health insurance plans!!

  2. xcm says

    If you get your fat tax, which might affect me, I want women to be taxed for being women, only women can get pregnant, I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR THAT….

    Same with STD’s, i’ve never had one, but others have and I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR THAT.

    Cenk is ‘morbidly obese’, isnt he? Didnt he beat Ana in a foot race?

    Small government, not big government. In a world where it allmost came down to corporations not paying taxes at all, you should not be rallying to tax people for being 5lbs over weight. There are better argument’s to be argued.

  3. says

    Fat Tax is a terrible idea. I think of a poor person on a fixed income, or someone who works low income jobs to make it through and can only afford those unhealthy cheap boxed foods from Wal-Mart. A fat tax would punish these people for something they might not be able to do anything about. It is not as if there are farmers markets on every corner. Organic food also costs an arm and a leg. Instead of punishing people for what they eat, how about the food they can buy more healthy. Perhaps give food stamp recipients special accounts that can only be used for healthy food a long with their benefits. The increased cost would make up for itself by reducing the healthcare burden.

  4. gsb says

    I think the most important focus should be on the medical field. The medical profession has completely failed to provide real help to people who have issues with weight. Few traditional doctors have real training in nutrition, and most have a very simplistic and one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. Many doctors use their prejudice to hide their own incompetency in treating patients who have health issues that involve weight. When there is weight involved doctors do not seek other causes of health issues. They assume weight is the cause but rarely the effect. I suspect that a significant portion of the increased medical costs for people who are overweight is that they avoid doctors until their condition is more advanced in order to avoid dealing with the prejudice of their doctors.

    We do have other professionals that are capable if helping us. Naturopathic doctors have far better nutritional training, they don’t treat you like a collection of parts, but as a whole person. They spend more than 15 minutes per patient, with significant amount of time dedicated to understanding why the patient is making the choices they make. But insurance rarely covers the services of a Naturopath or even a Nutritionist so this option is not affordable to many people.

    However, before we advocate for the inclusion of Naturopathic coverage by insurance we need to reduce the influence of the insurance and drug companies in our doctor/patient relationships. Otherwise, the insurance companies could dramatically lower the standard of care we can get from Naturopaths too.

  5. nyxxie says

    Even salad can be bad for you. Have you seen the nutrition info on some of those salad dressings? And some people may want to add meats, cheese, croutons, etc. By the time you’re done you may be better off getting a cheeseburger.

    So, I think people need more education about food, they need to know how to read food labels and most importantly they need to how the things on the label can effect them.

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