1. grahamgemmell says

    Is there anything I’d like to say or confess before kicking it…

    I was seeing a young lady, unofficially I suppose would be the polite way of saying it. I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. We wanted different things and really she was still too broken from a previous relationship for anything to have worked out. Knowing this, we ended up talking and I brought up the fact that I was going to start dating again eventually, and that we’d have to stop sleeping together. She agreed of course but I later found out that she’d been a little insulted that I thought I had to spell that out to her.

    Thing is, I wasn’t saying it for her sake. I was saying it for mine. Giving her up and moving on was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, even though I knew it was best for both of us. I never told her that. We still have a great friendship, she’s in a fantastic relationship, and so am I, so there’s no real reason to bring it up at this point. It would really only cause unnecessary drama/questions to tell her now, but if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I’d want her to know.

    And Now For Something Completely Different:
    6:25 Mark. Today we learn never to email Cenk about anything ever. lol

  2. andre says

    I have a collection of writings that have been published, but more that I want to be published, so I’d try to make that happen. I’d tell my friends and family to take my writings and hope they’re good enough to make money for the people I left behind……and do stand up comedy for an hour.

  3. bernlin2000 says

    Dave still remains one of the most valuable people in that building: you guys tease him too much :-P

    I would make no confessions, but not because I can’t think of any, but because it wouldn’t do any good. I would simply want everyone I care about to know that I love them to death: cheezy, yes, but it’s very important to me.

    I found it interesting that Cenk has no interest in traveling: there are so many places in this world that I would want to visit, I wouldn’t even know how to choose. South America for starters: I want to see huge-ass mountains and stand on peaks and just soak it all in. And yes…a lot of drugs (particularly psychedelics) would be involved. When I finally get near the end, it’s heroin all the way, not crack: it puts you to sleep and takes away the pain. I can’t think of a better way to go out.

    Ok…I might tell some family members they suck balls and they’re making this world a worse place to live, but I’d keep it to a small number of truly awful people.

  4. Nicholas Simonian says

    I agree with Cenk; confessions are way overrated. They are never for the other person. You’re just being selfish by making yourself feel better about doing something you know was wrong. I think I’d actually die happier knowing I held some secrets to the grave.

  5. akai454 says

    I’d just want to say that I love all of My Family and Friends and look forward to seeing them in the next world, I’ll be waiting for them with all of My other Family and Friends in that Big Happy Party In The Sky

  6. Queesh says

    I’d make up a bunch of great things that I’ve done secretly in the past. Better chance they would think I’m being honest if I’m about to die. I would love to be remembered for wonderful acts that I had no part in. …Or they might think I’m senile.

    • thadpen says

      Write those things down now. Think of them now, so you won’t have to make up some amazing stuff on the spot near death and then if you don’t get to tell people, they’ll find your “hidden journal” later and really think that stuff is true…or possibly that you were delusional if they ever bother to try to check the stuff out.

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