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TYT Army, this is your official batsignal!

The Young Turks is nominated for Best Video Podcast at the Podcast Awards. But we can’t win without your help. If you would like to help TYT win, please vote for us at

After casting your choice, you will be asked to verify your vote by email. Voting lasts November 1st-15th. Remember, this award is people’s choice– like Cenk says, we can’t do it without you, the members.

See how TYT compares to other online news shows:

Read about how TYT beats ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox/CNN/MSNBC:


  1. Hey, I live in England so this is all an ocean remote in a way. However, I also believe that Obama deserved a second term and, although this is a bit convoluted, the UK will benefit from this outcome.
    Also notwithstanding the obvious intellect, Ana provides some of the best eye candy online. I haven’t decided yet whether I watch this show for this reason, the sharp challenge to the party line or when she manages to shut Cenk up on the odd occasion!
    Anyhow, please keep up the excellent work and when our economy eventually recovers or our Government offers tax relief for this subscription my business will be first in line to subscribe.

  2. done! :)

  3. Finally. Stats to point to other than simple youtube views. I know you guys don’t like to brag, but give stats like that to us more often.
    Maybe some hints at Current ratings nudge nudge wink wink.

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