1. zajuts149 says

    I love you guys, but this was like: “Let’s videotape the guys doing a dorky internet quiz.” As said elsewhere: Bring back Dave Koller’s America. Teach it to the new guys by letting the old hands(Cenk, Ben, Michael) play. Ana is a veteran, but she never got the finer points of DKA. Then when all TYT knows how to play, start involving guests. It would be awesome to see Mark Hamill play! And Al Gore! Can’t wait to see him stereotype some part of the country to justify his answer:D

  2. mbrusa says

    Kilmani, you are correct. The air in Buenos Aires is not “so good”. Whoever gave that name to Buenos Aires (where I was born) had a great sense of marketing. :D

    To me, as an Argentine, the Malvinas will always be the Malvinas :D

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